History Evolution

Foshan United Shipping Company 1953---Mar 1953
Foshan Shipping Control Station 1954---July 1956
Exclusive Marine Bureau of Foshan Port Station, Guangzhou Port Authority of Guangdong Shipping Bureau July 1956---Sep 1961
Branch of Foshan Shipping Bureau Oct 1961---Apr 1965
Foshan Waterway Shipping Company Apr 1969---Apr 1972
Foshan Port Authority of Guangdong Apr 1972---Feb 1976
Foshan Shipping Board  Feb 1976---Oct 1985
Foshan Shipping Company of Guangdong Nov 1985--Oct 2001
Foshan Shipping Co., Ltd. Oct 2001--Nov 2009
Foshan Fohang Logistics Group Co., Ltd.   Dec 2009--Now



1953 Established Foshan United Shipping Company
1972 Changed to Foshan Port Authority of Guangdong, in January of the same year, part of the Provincial Fleet assigned to Foshan, which instituted a tugboat squadron and a lighter squadron respectively.
1976 Became Foshan shipping Board
1984 Open up Hong Kong and Macau routes
1985 Established Guangdong Foshan Shipping Company
1993 Set up Foshan New Port Co., Ltd, jointly invested by Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises Co., Ltd. and started operation, being a  harbor-shipping enterprise
2001 Transferred from a state-owned enterprises to a private enterprise running employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), and changed its name to the Foshan Shipping Co., Ltd
2004 Foshan New Port obtained the certificate of quality management system ISO9001 2000, which enables the Company access to the standardization management.
2006 Established Fohang Wonstar Shipping (HK) CO., Ltd., operating the berth in Hong Kong Stonecutters Island Public Cargo Working Area, started the construction of the logistics network of Fohang
2007 Set up Fohang Wonstar International Freight Forwarding CO., Ltd., opened up the international freight business, and entered into a new stage of integration of enterprise logistics chain
2008 Instituted the "Situation, Strategy and Mission of Fohang in 2008", marked out the blueprint of future development, defined the development direction of enterprise
2009 Set up a representative office in Shenzhen of Fohang Wonstar International Freight Forwarding CO., Ltd. providing customers with customs inspection and the trailer business
2010 Fohang Logistics Group obtained the certificate of quality management system ISO9001 2008
2010 Foshan Fohang Logistics Group Co., Ltd is appraised as the 4A Integrated Logistics Enterprise by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP), as the second 4A Logistics Enterprise in Foshan.
2011 The Group headquarter has moved to Shiwan, improving the scale and new image of Fohang further.
2011 The Group is rated as the IOT demonstration project experimental unit of “500 Pivot Projects of Modern Industry” by Guangdong Logistics Association.